A walk into Bear’s cave Princess Morning Dove

Princes #3

The first time I laid eyes on Princess Monica Morning Dove was in the spring of 1993. I stood in awe of this beautiful woman.

The Princess was the daughter of Chief James White Cloud of the Hopi nation. Her skin was as soft and moist as the kiss of dew on a warm summer’s morning.

Her Jet black hair hung just below her buttocks, and gave rise to the notion that this woman had an hour glass figure. Her complexion was flawless and the glimmer of seduction in her eyes made it impossible for me to take my eyes off her. She had that look that men would give their all to possess in their lives, if but only for the moment. It beckoned me to come closer and as I stood there looking into those superb dark brown eyes her hand stretched out and caressed my arm. The fire in her eyes danced as she came even closer and spoke these words, “Can you direct me to the ladies room?”

I mumbled something stupid I am sure then said, “If you will but give me the opportunity to gaze into your beautiful eyes, I will do anything that you request of me.”
Again that fire in her eyes shot back at me. It seemed that she could see right into my inner soul, and again as she touched my arm, I felt her magic pierce the very center of my heart. She turned to look at her father, and then retorted back, “If you will show me to the ladies room, I would love to have you eat dinner with father and me.”

Well my mother never raised any stupid children, I took her by the hand, it was as soft as the petals of a summers rose.
I felt the rush of joy fill my entire being, and taking her hand firmly in mine walked her down the hall to the rest room.

As she entered, I made a hasty retreat back to my cashiers stand in the front of my restaurant. I owned the steak house, but would have gladly given it to her for the asking.

As she came back to me, I noticed that her ebony hair shone blue in the light, and the fire in her eyes beckoned me once more to hold her in my arms.

She asked me, “What is it about you that my people named you White Bear Running? This honor is given only to the wise and honorable men of our tribe.”

You stir feeling in the innermost center of my soul. Did we know each other in another life? I feel that I have known you all my life. This simply cannot be. I cannot be drawn to you in this way. I am to be married to Marvin Yellow Stone in June, yet I cannot let the heat of this moment pass.”

At that she drew near to me and softly kissed my lips. I felt like a sword had been run through my heart. Time seemed to stand still, and in that moment, we lived a life time.

When dinner was over, she and her father left. She paused and came back to me and gave me the feather beret from her hair, and then in a twirl that made her gown dance, turned and left me forever.
That night I became enthralled with an angel dressed in a long nearly white buckskin gown.

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