Night of the big storm

Ka-BOOM sounded the loudest clap of thunder. “Wha…was that?” cried Little Munch. Once again the night was lit up as another gigantic flash of lightning ripped open the dark of night. All the farm animals were terrified when they saw it strike the trees just at the edge of the pasture they had been sleeping in. Then just seconds later, there came the crash of the thunder…Ka-BOOM it went again.
“Oh, Momma, what was that?” sobbed the little prince. “Momma, I am so scared of it. Why is it so scary?” he pleaded to his Mother.

“D-d”don’t be afraid sweetheart. It is just a big old rain storm,” said Munch’s mother. “Don’t be afraid,” she said trying not to show her own fear,as she licked the hair on the top of his head to calm him.

Just then the lightning lit up the entire sky and Munch could see the fear in everyone’s eyes.

“Oh my,” said Momma. “That one was too close. Are you okay, my son?”

“Bullregard, where are you, son? Now you come here right this instant. Little Munch, you get over here now. Where are you?” she cried into the night.

Just then the lightning flashed so bright that she could see the entire field. There was Little Munch, running full speed toward the barn where Johnny the rooster lived.

“Son, stop. Please don’t go any further,” she begged.

Just then the thunder was so loud that the entire herd broke into a stampede. Everyone was running, but not knowing just where they were going. That is everyone except Little Munch. He knew that if he could get inside with Johnny the rooster, he would be safe…That is if he could get there without getting himself killed.

The lightening flashed once again. It hit the lightning rod on top of the barn. Sparks flew in every direction but there was no fire or damage. Then came the terrible crash of the thunder. It was so close, and so loud, that it knocked Little Munch down to the ground. He looked up in horror as the biggest monster he had ever seen in his short life walked right up to him and said, “You better get up and run into the barn.”
Now Little Munch was petrified. He looked up just in time to see the flash of the lightning glow and he saw into the eyes of the biggest, darkest Bull he had ever seen.

“Whoa Nelly,” cried our little hero. “Who… are…what…are you?” he asked in a shaky voice.

“Why, I thought you knew, son. I am your father Bullregard. You best get into the barn with the chickens where you will be safe. I have to go and try to settle down the herd.”

Little Munch had never met his father before. His father lived in the field next to the one he lived in. When the lightning hit the trees on the edge of their field, it knocked down the fence and his Father was able to come to everyone’s rescue.

“Cock-a-doodle-do,” hollered Johnny. “You best get in here quick, Little Prince.”
All the hens were running around in circles squawking, and crying. They were so afraid.

The flash of the lightning lit up the sky once more and the inside of the barn was as bright as the noonday sun. This time when the thunder came, it shook the entire barn. Now even Johnny was afraid, and he flew to the top of the rafters and hid in a corner.

After a time, the thunder and lightning settled down and everyone could see and hear it off in the distance. Then the rain came pouring down. It rained all night, and in the morning when it felt safe, Little Munch pushed open the barn door with his nose and peered out into the barn yard and into the field where his mother and father stood in the middle of the field.

Little Munch bolted out of that old door and ran as fast as his short legs could carry him.

“Oh, Momma,” he cried. “There you are.” He did not stop until he was under his momma’s belly looking up into the eyes of his father.

“Oh wow, Father, you sure are big,” proclaimed the Little Prince as he looked up at his father. “Is it going to be okay now, Mother?” he asked.

Mother looked down and softly said, “Yes, my son, it is.”

Just then the sun came out once again, and a sunbeam landed right on the three of them. “Oh yeah,” said Little Munch. “It sure is.”


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