See the beautiful butterflies

Bear and butterflies

The morning sun just began to peer over the mesa above Diamond Valley. Paul glimpsed movement under the ledge. It caught him off guard. He was not sure what it was, so he pulled to the side of the road, and took down his .30-06 from the gun rack in the cab of his pickup to check through the scope. No sooner had he raised the weapon than he caught a quick glimpse of a manlike creature skirting along behind the boulders to conceal itself.

What the heck? He rubbed his eyes and took a closer look. Paul was the county sheriff and he didn’t miss a thing, but this….?
The creature must have noticed the glint off the scope of his rifle at the same time and disappeared behind the rocks.
On each side of the rock there was about twenty feet of open ground. Paul trained his scope on the area while he fumbled behind the seat beside him for his more powerful binoculars. In one quick move the gun lay on the window frame, and the glasses were trained on the spot where he last saw it.
He watched intently for well over an hour, but nothing so much as stirred. He pulled up his two-way radio phone and called his wife.

“Hi, handsome,” she chirped when she heard his voice.
“Sue, get up here to the valley. Bring the dogs as well as Mike and Bob, and be quick about it. I’ve seen something and I need help checking it out.”
“Well,” Sue shot back. “What is so all-fired important to drag us all up there this early in the morning?”
“Just get here and I’ll fill you in along the way. Call me when you get up to the Jennings’ place.”

“Okay,” she said. “You don’t sound like your usual self. Are you okay?”
“I’m just fine,” he said. “Just get you, the dogs, and those guys in the motor home, and get up here. Have the guys make sure the guns are clean and loaded. Whatever it is I saw, ain’t human, and it’s smart enough to know it is being watched.”
By the time Sue and her crew got up there it was 09:30, and Paul was fit to be tied.
“Why didn’t you call me like I told you to?” he barked at her. “You have no idea what that is up there. Get the dogs and the gear and let’s get a plan working. Mike, you take the big telescope and train it right there on that largest rock just under the ridge. Watch for any movement.”
“Okay, dad,” he replied with that are-you-crazy-or-what look on his face.
Once Mike had taken up his visual, Paul explained the whole thing to everyone.
“Bob, get out the radios and make sure each one works and is on voice activation. Sue, as soon as we get ready to head out, I want you to take Mike’s place. I don’t care if a bird flies, you let us know. Mike, you and Bob take the two Rottweilers with you. I’ll bring the girls with me. (The girls are Millie and Ike, sister border collies.)

Each man had a .30-06 caliber semi-auto Browning rifle with eight clips, plus a .45 on his side with three extra backup clips. “I’ll leave the assault rifle with you, Sue. Use it if you have to.”
The sisters were anxious to get going. They sensed something was out of place. They ran off and kept about 200 yards ahead until they got to the base of the mesa. It was then that their posture totally changed. They ran back and forth and began to howl. Border collies never howl. It scares the sheep.

When the Rottweilers heard the racket, they broke into a full run. They ran past the girls and up the mesa until they got to the big rock. Now their demeanor changed as well. They became nervous and growled savagely and barked like they had seen something other-worldly.
“Sue, you see anything?” Paul asked.
“No, but the dogs are acting crazy. They’re acting mighty frightened, and now I’m scared ’cause those dogs never show fear. They’re clearly afraid of something,” Sue answered.
“Are you two near the dogs yet?” Paul asked.
“Just about, dad,” Bob replied. “There’s nothing up here that we can see, but we’re still 50 feet away.”

Paul said, “I’m almost there. Lock and load, guys. The hairs on the back of my neck are on end and the girls are growling.”
The three men all came around the rock at the same time. It was a rock about the size of a city bus. There was a strange odor there, no one recognized. The dogs were all over everything, sniffing wildly and whining.
“What are you seeing, Paul?” Sue inquired.
“Not what I was looking for, but what we’ve found you gotta see for yourself. Bring the movie camera and the CSI one too.”

Back in town the word got out that Paul was tracking a vicious criminal, and needed volunteers to fly up in the chopper. The two deputies, John Farley and Bill Olsen, grabbed their gear and hit the door running followed by Mayor Dorr Hanson, and high school principal Larry Leavitt. By the time they got to the chopper, pilot Ann Kelly had it ready to fly.

When Paul’s radio beeped, the boys nearly jumped out of their skin. “What the heck?” said Paul.
“Hello, this is Sheriff Jones. What do you need, Dorr? I’m pretty busy right now.”
“We’re in the air and will meet you on top of the mesa in ten minutes. Any sign of the fugitives yet?”
“Fugitives?” Paul asked. “Have you gone over the edge again, Hanson; what on earth are you talking about?”
Dorr explained why they were on their way.
Paul needed the chuckle; it helped cut the tension of the moment. “I’ll send up green smoke and explain everything when you get up here.”
“Dad,” Mike called out. “You’ve just gotta see this.”
Paul had to push his way through the dogs that were pacing back and forth. He stopped in his tracks. There on the ground were foot prints that were twice the size of Bob’s size 13 boots and even wider.
“It’s Big Foot, dad. That explains what you saw, but where did it go?” Bob exclaimed. “The tracks are all over the place and end here at the face of the cliff. Do you think he climbed up and over the top?”
“I’m not sure, son. I was paying constant attention. Anything that big and dark would have stood out against these red sandstone rocks. No, I don’t think so.”
The dogs were right at the face and trying to dig through it. Just then they saw the helicopter clear the ridge to the south and rapidly descend upon the top of the mesa. In less than a heartbeat the four men were at the edge looking down.
“We brought six of the 2-way radios. I don’t think the Nextel radio will get a signal up here,” Farley said. “Fill us in, Sheriff.”
As the men rappelled down the face, John said they saw strange and very large tracks in the sand all over the place up on top.
“Welcome to the twilight zone, Bishop. Bet you never thought you’d be this close to hell, did you?”

Larry was a Bishop in the LDS Church and Paul and his family were in his ward.
“Well, Paul,” Larry answered. “This is going to be one whale of a story to tell our families.”
The men all shook hands and agreed that this day was a weird one for sure. Just how strange, they were about to find out.
The men all followed the tracks right up to the face of the cliff. The rock in the very front was the size of Paul’s GMC pickup. When they felt the stone, it was like the coke made in huge ovens from coal. It weighed as much as a man and rolled to the left with simple ease.

What they found was unbelievable. There was an opening approximately four feet wide and nine feet high. It disappeared into the darkness, and the men strained to see inside.
“What’s going on, Paul?” Sue queried. There was a long silence. “Come on now, you guys, get on the radios and do it now.”
“I’ll get back to you in a bit,” Paul said. “We’ve made a startling discovery.”
“Well, don’t just stand there with your bare faces hanging out. Tell me what you found,” Sue ordered.
“We found a huge cave. I’m sending down Mike to get those three-million candle power flood lights. Come back with them and bring yer gun,” Paul almost shouted.

Mike stood six feet six inches tall and with his long legs, he was down in no time.
“See you up there,” Sue shouted to Mike as she rode by on her ATV.
“Dang it, ma,” Mike yelled. “You wait for me. It’ll only take a minute; besides, it’s hot.”
Sue obediently backed up the ATV and griped, “Make it snappy then. I’m just itchin’ to see that cave.”
Paul noted it was noon when they entered the cave. They had gone in about 50 yards and the big lights lit up the tunnel ahead like day light. The group was so intense on looking at what lay ahead, they forgot what was behind.
“What was that clunk?” asked Sue. She whirled around just in time to see the cave’s entrance shut.
“Paul, lo-lo-look at that. Someone closed the entrance!” she screamed. At that moment all eight of them whirled to see the last bit of light cut off.
“What the Sam Hill just happened?” Sue cried out.
“I don’t know,” answered Paul. But he had an idea that they were not alone any more. “Bob, send your dogs out in front and get them in attack mode. I don’t like the looks of this.”

“Do not be afraid,” boomed a voice from the darkness. “We mean you no harm, but you must put down your weapons and call off the animals. The animals and you will die if you do not comply. Please, we mean you no harm, but humans are too ready to shoot and then ask questions.”
The voice seemed vaguely familiar to Paul but for now they had no choice.
“Okay, everyone, take your weapons and lay them in the middle of the cave right over there.” Paul flashed his light on the site he had I mind.
Dorr Hanson was normally Mr. Macho Man, but now he was a whining little boy. Then he put in a full 40-round clip, set the M-16 to full automatic and fired. The loudness of the rounds was deafening. Dorr cleared the clip and lock, and loaded another. At that precise moment, there came a whirling sound from the dark, and in less than a heartbeat, Dorr lay decapitated on the ground.

An angry, heavy voice boomed out of the darkness, “It is futile to resist, but make no mistake; we will kill you all in order to preserve our lives and those of our children.”
Sue never cried, but right now she was hysterical. She looked at her dead brother, shuddered and cried to him, “Oh, Dorr, what were you thinking?” His lifeless body lay still in a pool of blood.
“Everyone put down your weapons,” ordered Paul. “And, Bob, call off the dogs.”
“Dad,” came the cautious reply, “the dogs have all disappeared.”
The girls lay at Paul’s feet ever vigilant.
“Okay. Okay!” shouted Paul. “Don’t do anything else. We won’t harm you.”
“Then why do you come into our kingdom so heavily armed?” shot the angry reply from the darkness. “If you all want to live, get down on your knees and form a line across the cave facing my voice.”

In utter terror the group complied with the orders from the dark. At that moment, everyone in the group had their heads jerked back, and their hands were bound. Once secured, they were picked up from behind, and helped to their feet.
Then the spot lights were broken and darkness enveloped them.
“Try to remain calm. It has been over 100 years since we have had humans in our world. You are so predictable. You cannot be trusted to behave, so we will treat you as prisoners until such time as you can prove that you will comply with all of our requests.”

“Requests or demands?” shouted Deputy John Farley. “Show yourselves, you cowards. Bishop, can’t you do something here?” he asked.
“Not just now, John,” whispered Paul. “We’re in their territory now. Let’s just see if we can come to some sort of accord.”
“Oh, Paul, they killed poor Dorr. Aren’t you going to do anything?” begged Sue.
“And get someone else killed, Sue? Is that what you want? Now come over here to my voice. We must be together if we are to survive,” said Paul. “If Dorr had done as he was told, he would still be alive. Remember he fired on them. I would have done the same thing they did, if I was in their place. They were just protecting themselves.”

“Oh, Paul. I’m so afraid,” she said. “What if they kill us too?”
“Is everyone else Okay?” asked Paul. “We’ve got to keep our cool if we’re to survive. If they wanted us dead, they would have killed us by now.”
After making sure everyone was okay, Paul asked the voice in the dark, “Can you show yourselves? We brought the weapons because we didn’t know what to expect.”
“You are such a primitive people. You kill everything that you do not understand.” The voice was deep, but somehow soothing. “When we first came here 2,000 years ago, mankind was evil and war-like. Look what your kind did to the Son of God. Today you are still the same. You rush to meet death in the name of God, country, and family.

“Your God is our God. We have never tried to harm anyone because the scriptures testify that we should not kill. We only kill when attacked. It is most unfortunate that your brother died, Sue–unfortunate indeed.”
“H..How do you know my name?” Sue asked.
“We heard Paul speak it just a little while ago, and we have been to your home many times and feasted upon your corn and other vegetables. We seldom eat meat, and never kill unless attacked.”
“Who are you?” asked Paul in a soft voice.
“We are called Levineta, or as you humans say, fairies. We have lived here in this valley and throughout the west for over 400 years. You are just a few who have ever seen us, Paul. You saw what we wanted you to see: a great black hairy creature.”
“So what do you look like?” Sue asked.
“You have seen us many times throughout your life as butterflies. We have delighted you in your garden since you were a small child.”

“Show yourselves now then. I need to see the real you,” demanded Sue.
At that moment the cave lit up like the noonday sun. There appeared hundreds of personages in the hues and colors of the rainbow. As they encircled the group there could be seen a glorious light emitting from Dorr’s body and he rose up, looking very much himself except that his head looked like Peter Pan.
“Oh, Dorr, you’re alive!” Sue cried as she ran up to him.
After a long look, he said, “Who are you?”
“I’m your sister Sue,” she exclaimed. “Don’t you remember me?” she asked.

He answered, “I am not who you think I am. We have the ability to bring back a life that has been taken prematurely. In time I will get his memories back. Eventually your brother’s spirit will also return. He was wrong to attempt to take a life. The penalty can be severe. We are a peace-loving species. Our time goes beyond Earth-time. We appear as whispers in the night. Humans sometimes catch a passing glimpse of us in our natural state as you see us today. Usually people think they saw something else, because of their unbelief in fairies.

The captors then led the group deep into the cave. It was an ancient volcano, and the inside of it was the size of a small city of about 8,000.
The light illuminated from globes throughout the city, and the buildings were so unique and different from anything ever seen on earth. They appeared as crystal palaces. The group was brought before their ruler who looked like a human woman.

She introduced herself as Mageena, queen of the Levinetas. She said, “Come into my palace and be rested and free from the stress of your lives. We will set before you a feast of our finest foods. You are the first humans to ever come inside our world. We are so pleased to make your acquaintance.”
The group cautiously sat down. There was every sort of fruit and vegetables, nuts and savory juices of every kind. The dogs were given a meal that no one recognized, and after eating it, lazily lay down at the feet of the queen as if they were puppies.

“Eat first, and then we’ll answer all of your questions. I know there will be many,” she said.
During the meal, music emanated from the rocks and walls of the volcano.
“The sunlight is bright this evening,” said a being who called herself Tamini. “You have eaten well, and will now fall into a deep sleep. When you awaken, you will be home safe and in your beds, remembering nothing.
“We will visit you from time to time, but it will only appear as a whisper in the night. Be at peace now. Your lives will be long and rich,” she said.
Sunlight swept their bedroom as Paul and Sue woke up at the same time.
“What time is it, Paul?” she asked.
“Uh, it’s 9:30. Oh my goodness, I should have been at the office an hour ago. That’s so strange, Sue. I don’t remember even getting up and going to work yesterday,” he said. “Can you?”

Sue thought long on it and then said, “Yesterday must have been a dream. I dreamed of fairies. Huh, imagine that. It was such a pleasant dream I didn’t want to wake up.”
Paul said he felt more at ease than he ever had, then added, “What’s for breakfast, Hon. I’m famished. Do you have any more of that delicious juice?”
Sue opened the curtains in the kitchen and let the sunlight in.
“Oh, Paul, look at all of the beautiful butterflies!” she exclaimed.


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