P.J. Meets the Fairies

Fall 2004 5

In the minds of children of all ages, there lives a magnificent world of imagination. it is in this world that we can explore the universe without ever leaving home. What a wonderful gift the mind i

The Further Adventures in Glenny Land:

P.J. Meets the fairies
fairy dust

Glenny was very fortunate to have such a wonderful daddy. He taught him to believe in his imagination.

One of the great things that he told Glenny was about the wonderful world of “fairies”. Fairies live in the wee little places; under the leaves, and in the rocks, and especially in little boy’s, and girl’s” imaginations.

Glenny had a wonderful little friend named Pamela Jonell. Glenny just called her “P.J.” P.J. was younger than Glenny, but that did not stop Glenny from loving her so. She was very shy and quiet, which was unusual for Glenny, because he was not. When they could, P.J. and Glenny would go everywhere together.

One day when P.J. came to Glenny’s house, they were out in the back yard looking at the flowers, and Glenny asked P.J. “Have you ever seen the fairies in the yard before?”

P.J. said, “There are no such things as fairies silly.”

Glenny said, “Sure there are. Just because you have never seen or heard them doesn’t mean they are not there.”

P.J. said, “Have you ever seen a fairy?”

Glenny said, “You bet. I have even seen their castles in the canyon, and my daddy showed me the biggest fairy cave in the red narrows. “Do you want me to show them to you? Glenny asked. “All you have to do is get down on your hands and knees like this.” Glenny got down on his knees and got low to the ground just above a pile of dry leaves, and said, “Listen to them run in the leaves.”

P.J. looked at Glenny as if he had a carrot growing out of the middle of his fore head, and said, “you are the craziest person I have ever known.”

With that, she dropped down on her knees and got real close to the ground and listened as hard as she could.

“I do not hear anything said P.J.. “How can you be sure they are down there at all?

I asked my mom about fairies, and she said that was only in fairy tales. I think you are just making up this big lie and trying to fool me!”

All of a sudden, there was a rustling in the leaves, and P.J. got very quiet.

“What was that she cried?” “There it goes again. Is there a snake down in there?”

Glenny got very close to the ground and looked P.J. right into her eyes. Their noses were right next to each other, and Glenny said, “look and listen real close now. Can you hear them now?”

P.J. said “Oh yes! Now I hear them really good!” came her excited response.

They were staring so hard to see them now.

P.J. said, “I think I just saw one.”

Glenny said, ” Me too. It looked so pretty.”

“Yeah,” said P.J, “Is this the only place that you can find them?”

Glenny said, “No they are everywhere. All you have to do is believe in fairies. Now do you believe in fairies P.J.?”

“Oh yes!” she answered. ” I really do.” She squealed. Her eyes were now the size of teacups.

They knelt there and listened for the longest time, and after a while, they were sure they could hear the music from their flutes as the Fairies sang the Fairy Song:

“Here we are under this tree.

We are the fairies that you see.

We live here and there.

When people see us, they stop and stare.

Oh, yes we are the fairies it is true,

and the only ones that can see us

are the believers, just like the two of you.”

Glenny and P.J. thought that they were the two luckiest people in all the world, and still to this day when Glenny hears the fairies in the leaves, he can remember their little song, and he thinks of the little girl named P.J. and how much he still loves her.


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