Munch Meets the Farm Animals

Author Glen Bear Smith

Today Little Munch, gets to meet the farm animals and his sister

“Momma, what was that terrible noise? It scared me,” cried Little Munch.

Penelope leaned down and licked the face of our little hero and said, “It is okay, my son. It is only Johnny. He is the head rooster here on the farm.”

“What’s a rooster, Momma?” was Munch’s quivering question.

“Why, he is just a big, loud chicken. See all of those brown and white birds over there, they are all pecking at the ground and clucking to each other? Those are chickens,” said Momma. “Why that big old brightly colored guy is just the farm’s alarm clock. He lets us know when it is time to wake up. Do you want to go over and meet him?”

“You bet, was his eager answer. Right after I have my breakfast.”

Little Munch sure loves milk, and just like all children, he drinks milk so that he can grow up to be big and strong like his daddy, Beauregard Sr.

After finishing his breakfast, Little Munch licked his chops and lay down in the warm sun. His momma came over and licked his face and said, “Okay baby, now let’s get over there so that you can meet Johnny.”

“I don’t know, Momma, he sure looks mean,” said Munch.

“Nonsense, honey. Look how much bigger you are than him, and besides you are the son of Beauregard Sr. no one here dares to be mean to you. Beauregard is the king of all the Black Angus bulls,” said his momma.

Her little hero took off running and jumping like all new babies like him do, and ran right up to Johnny and said, “Hello Johnny, I am Beauregard of Hensley, the IV, and my father is the most famous bull in the world Beauregard Sr. He is the champion of all the Black Angus bulls in the world. He is the king of bulls.”

“Cock – a -doodle doo!” Johnny replied. “Hey, everyone! come over here and meet the new little prince, Master Beauregard of Hensley, the IV.”

Turning sideways and talking out of the corner of his mouth so that the other farm animals could not see his embarrassment, Munch said softly, “Please just tell them I am Penelope’s son. You are embarrassing me,” said Munch.

“Well okay little fella, if that is what you want. Everyone come quickly and meet Beauregard’s son.” said Johnny in his most polite southern voice.

Slowly Little Munch lifted up his head to see a gazillion animals running right at him.

“Whoa, there Nelly,” said the baby calf as he ran around behind his mother. Now looking out under her belly he looked over the crowd that came to meet him.

“Come on out of there now, boy, and meet your neighbors,” said Johnny.

After a reassuring glance up at his momma, he slowly walked up beside Johnny and said, “Hello, everyone, I am Beauregard of Hensley, the IV. My father is the most famous bull in the world. Beauregard Sr, is the champion of all the Black Angus bulls in the world. He is the king of all the bulls.”

Cautiously they all came forward and began to introduce themselves. There were hundreds of chickens, bunches of ducks and geese, three cats, and their kittens, three dogs, seven horses, some pigs and nine calves that looked just like himself. There was one that really stood out.

Munch walked up to the calf and said, “ W…Who are you?”

“Oh, silly I thought you knew. I am Melissa. I am your sister. We have been waiting a long time to meet you.”
Having said that, she took him all over the farm introducing him to every creature and they ran and jumped just like children everywhere do.

After a while there was a feeling in his tummy that he had never felt before. “My belly is growling at me.” said Munch. “What is wrong with me?”

“OH.” said Melissa. “I know. You are hungry. We had better get you back to your Mother.”

Now that was the first thing that this crazy female said that really made sense. Soon Little Munch was safely back with his momma having lunch. Oh, how he loved a bunch of lunch, so sweet and creamy.

After lunch, Munch lay down for a nap. He sure had a big morning. Lying there in the sun, he was soon fast asleep. What a day.


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