Munch meets Elmer and Clementine

Larry and Mary

Just as the sun came up over the meadow, Johnny crowed, “Cock-a-doddle-do. Wake up, Wake up,” said Johnny “daylights a wastin. Come on everybody get up. Come on, come on. And that means you little prince.” He announced in his southern drawl.

“Whoa, what, what’s going on Johnny?” asked little Munch as he tried to open his eyes. “What’s the big hurry Johnny? I was dreamin about being big like my pop. Someday I’m going to be King of the Bulls too. Z-z-z-z-z-z-z,” Munch said as he dozed off again.

Beauregard Sr. with a deep, loud voice spoke and said, “Come on now son, daylight’s wasting. You’ve got a long way to go to take my job.”

Slowly, Munch opened his eyes and looked up, saw his father, “Gosh father, I didn’t know you were here.” As he looked over at his mother, he exclaims, “Good morning mother. When did father get here?”

Little Munch looked cute as he laid there with a mouth full of clover left when he fell asleep last night. “Munch, munch, munch. Oh thish is just ash good ash it was last night. M-m-m-m good!”

“Oh you silly boy, you are always eating. I guess that is why we call you little Munch. You sure munch a bunch don’t cha,” said Melissa. “Come on get up there is someone I want you to meet.” With that Munch jumped to his feet, “Okay, I always like to meet new friends.”

By this time the sun had completely flooded out onto the meadow and the morning was so beautiful with all the sounds of summer. The birds were happily singing, the bees were busy buzzing from flower to flower, and the hens were clucking and scurrying about the barnyard.

“Where are they Melissa?” asked Munch as they began to run and jump just like little children do when they’re playing. “Are we ever going to get there?”

“Oh, you are so impatient. Humph!” She gave him a dirty look, and out of the corner of her mouth said, “Boys! We’re almost there. They are over there by the fence. Can you see ’em?”

“Yea, they look like two fat, black and white cats!”

“No silly, they’re skunks. Hi guys,” she calls to the pair. “I want you to meet my brother, the new prince, Beauregard the IV of Hensley, but we just call him Little Munch.”

Cautiously, the two waddled, as skunks do, over to Little Munch and together said, “Hi, we are Elmer and Clementine. We’re sleepy. We’re just about to go to bed. We come out to eat at night and usually sleep all day long.

“What do you eat?” asked Munch. “Do you like sweet clover too?”

“No,” said Elmer quietly. “We just eat bugs. We especially like little, black beetles.”

“Oh – oh,” said Munch. “Okay, it was nice to meet you. You have a good sleep. Good night.”

As they’re walking away, quietly, Munch looks at Melissa and says, “Pooh, they smell funny don’t they!”


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