I don’t like snakes

Fall 2004 5

This and the continuing chapters are true stories from the life of the author. As a boy growing up in the mountains of Eastern Utah, there were no fancy theaters or parks, just 60,000 acres of wonder

Once upon a time a very long time ago Glenny and his pals Georgie and Jay were watching Georgie’s daddy plow the fire roads in the woods behind Glenny’s house.

There was so much dry grass and sagebrush, so that if a fire got started, it could come all the way up and burn everyone’s home.

Mr. Richards had a great big bulldozer. The three little boys watched, and Mr. Richards asked them if they wanted to get up on and ride with him? Would they? Oh, boy YES was their excited answer.”

The trio scrambled up the tracks of the bulldozer, held onto the frame, and climbed onto the deck the seat was bolted onto, and finally onto the seat itself. Now that everyone was in his seat and hanging on very tight, Mr. Richards pulled the lever and off they went.

This was so cool. The blade was so big that even the biggest rocks were pushed off to the side with no trouble at all.

Together they watched as bunnies, pheasants, and other birds scurried or flew out of the way. One of the things that Glenny and his friends liked the most was how wonderful the earth smelled as it was plowed up. Now this was really the best smell of all.

They rode for hours until lunchtime. When Mr. Richards stopped to eat his lunch the boys were going to go home and eat too, but the new roads looked so inviting, and every thing smelled so good, they just had to walk around them and do what little boys do best – EXPLORE!

They walked and ran everywhere. Now for some crazy reason they decided to run through the brush to the edge of the wash. This was their biggest mistake ever. For many years after they would have bad dreams about this terrible moment.

Finally they came upon a big rock and it was about three feet high, so it had quite a big jump for the boys. Laughing and running they all jumped off the rock at the same time. When they landed, they stopped dead in their tracks.

Now they stood in absolute fear and horror. Everywhere around them were rattlesnakes of all sizes. The snakes were even crawling over their shoes. The momma snakes swallowed their babies to protect them, (and then when danger would pass they would release them,) as the other snakes began to coil up.

Frozen in complete fear and remembering what their parents had told them about snakes they stood still, and tried not to cry. It did not work. They were just too scared.

Then just like when you run the VCR backwards, it seemed like the little boys had just been lifted back up on top of that rock.

The snakes were now all gone. They were safe.

Home was just across the field, and they could walk on the newly plowed roads.

As they started for home, they looked back, and were quite sure that they saw the guardian angels their mothers had always told them about, standing there above the snake pit. (The guardian angels were always there to protect these three little boys.) They knew once again that they truly were safe, and ran home to tell their moms.


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