Fall 2004 5Butch

One morning very long ago, Glenny got up really early, even before his Mom and Dad did. He went out on the back porch. The summer sun has just begun to cover its warm blanket of sunlight all over the porch. The sun shown right in Glenny’s eyes, but he is sure that he saw a very young dog, maybe even a puppy. Glenny put his hand over his eyes to shade out the sun, and sees coming out from under the bottom step is a little brown and white dog.

The puppy let out a little, “Ruff,” and ran next door to the Roper’s house. Glenny was quick to run after him, calling, “Here puppy. Nice boy. Don’t run away.” The puppy must have known that Glenny was his friend, because he came running over to Glenny and jumped right into his little outstretched arms.

Glenny fell backwards with his new friend and they rolled on the ground. Glenny, still holding on to the puppy, went into the house, threw open his Mom and Dad’s bedroom door and shouted, “Look what I found! Can I keep him?”

His Daddy looked at the puppy ever so long, and asks, “What is his name?”

Glenny thought for a minute, and then said, “His name is Butch.”

So, Butch it was. Glenny and Butch were buddies through adventure after adventure. Here is one of them.

The mountains around Glenny Land are very big. They stand up thousands and thousands of feet, straight up in the air. There are so many trees, rocks, hills, and valleys there, and they are all for the exploring.

Whenever Glenny and his friends would go down into the toolies (or woods), they went through the sagebrush, and that is where the bunny rabbits lived. There are jackrabbits and cottontails. Guess who just has to chase the rabbits? You guessed it, Butch did. He started to bark, and as he got close to the rabbits, he started yapping. He ran this way and then that. He was not very tall, so he had to stand up on his hind paws to get his head high enough to see where the bunnies were. It didn’t take long for the bunnies to loose Butch, but that didn’t stop him. That silly dog kept right on running around, barking and yapping. Yapping and barking. This is his way of showing those tricky rabbits that he is still the boss. He never did catch one until the day of the big hike.

Glenny and his buddies get up one hot summer morning. Standing there right behind all their homes stood First Peak. On this particular day it is calling to the boys as if to say, “Oh, boys, come up to the mountain. Look how big I am. You can see to the end of the earth from up on top of here. Just think, you’ll be heroes for climbing up on me.”

Their young imaginations were now filled with the stories of the mighty Paul Bunion and all the great explorers of the world. The time had come to go climb that ol’ mountain and show it who is the boss.

With lunches in hand that their mothers have made for them, Glenny, his buddies, and Butch took off up the base of the mountain. They were Georgie, Jay, Glenny, and Butch; little boys with great big ideas of being mountain climbing heroes. The image in their heads was that of conquering heroes, all set for the climb of a lifetime.

Along the way there are so many distractions though. First, there was a horny toad sitting on a rock. He was just enjoying the hot sun on his back when Georgie had to go and try to pick him up.

All of a sudden that ugly old toad ran straight at Georgie. Glenny jumped back because he is afraid, too. That old horny toad ran up to the top of a scrub pine tree. Sitting up there on the top branch, that ol’ toad seemed to say, “Nanah, nanah, nanah” to them all. There were lizards on top of the rocks and under them, as well. It was while they are chasing lizards, that they heard Butch off in the distance howling a different howl than ever before. The boys decide that they better go find out what was the matter.

They looked behind rocks, on top of rocks, behind trees, and finally they found Butch on top of a little hill where the two valleys push up together and formed a ridge. He had a little cottontail rabbit between his paws. Every time the bunny tried to run off, Butch gently pulled it back between his paws. When Glenny got to him, Butch looked so proud of himself, but he was also looking very worried. You see, all the times he had spent chasing bunnies, he had never caught one. He just did not know what to do if he actually caught one.

Well, now that he had caught one, what is he supposed to do? Glenny gently lifted the frightened bunny up and let him go. Butch looks at Glenny as if to say, If all you’re going to do is let them go, then I’m not going to catch them anymore. Do you know what? He never did, again.

That afternoon three little boys and a very tired puppy came down off the mountain. Each one was feeling just like a hero.


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