Glenny and the Giant

Fall 2004 5

The giant

This is for everyone who had a friend like Glenny’s Giant. if it brings back fond memories like this does to me then I hope you remember what it was like to be five and loving life.

Monday morning the sun was brightly shining. A cooling breeze from the east, gently fanned the green leaves. Nothing was as beautiful as today. However, on this morning, Glenny got up very early. Stretching his arms above his head, his hair out of place, he walked quietly to the front porch, and plopped on the top step.

His hair, was long clear down to the tips of his shoulders. He was blond, strangely blond. A color not ever seen in these parts. The neighborhood kids teased, calling him “toe head”. Once in a while, because he didn’t care about the taunts, he’d look in the bathroom mirror, separating hairs to find the “toe,” but he never did.

Like most young boys, clothes were as useless as the girls around school. In the summer he never put on socks, shoes, and a tee-shirt, he was comfortable with just his favorite pair of blue jeans. From the first day of summer till he went back to school, Glenny, was richly tanned, and spent most of his days barefoot and happy.

It was still very early. He could see the dew on the grass and flowers. The air was crisp, and fresh against his body, inviting him to a day of adventure. In the mind of a five-year old, adventures of fantasy and discovery were almost a daily call.

Glenny had a wonderful make believe friend to go and see this day. His friend was a Giant, and he lived at the top of Price Hill.

It excited him that only he could see or hear him. They were such good friends. The Giant would fix Glenny magical meals and carry him on his massive, strong shoulders. He was taller than our roof-top, he had 7 fingers on each hand, ears the size of dishes and a crooked big nose. That might scare some other fella but not Glenny. His eyes, were ocean blue, and were the kindest anyone had ever seen.

Sometimes they would hike through the dense woods or the various hills behind the forest. Singing, silly made-up songs as they walked, laughing at some of the tunes they composed. When they would rest under the shadows of the trees, Glenny would talk on forever about everything and anything. Mr. Giant always listened with interest to his friend’s detailed stories of the day.

Today, he felt was going to be one of the best adventures, ever.

They got up from the tree and started to walk. Down by the dogtree, Mr. Giant showed Glenny a real cool cave. Glenny, stayed close behind Giant, eyes wide, taking in the magnificence of this new wonder. He was positive no one else had ever seen or known about this cool thing. Mr. Giant showed Glenny where a momma cat had dropped her kittens. He told Glenny he could not touch the babies or the mother would pick them up and move them to a safer place. Glenny made sure he was not to touch or try to handle them, besides, that old cat could really snarl and growl if you got too close. Glenny knew that momma cat might just catch a finger and bite it right off. So from a safe distance he would watch, smiling at momma and the six, gray kittens.

One day last week, the Giant was excited and had a big smile. He took Glenny to the meadows where the cows, horses and sheep would graze. With his small hand in his, he walked him over to the edge of the meadow, it was such a pretty green with the sweet smell of all the summer flowers.

He pointed to the brownish, white cow, lying on her side. Glenny looked over and saw the mother cow was just giving birth to her baby calf. She was licking it clean with the softness of her large tongue, gently nudging the baby with each lick. Glenny couldn’t believe his eyes, it was beautiful to watch and he was a part of it.

Glenny would run home and describe these wonderful places he had seen and visited. Mostly everyone just nodded to pacify him. No one really believed any of his tales were true, but he knew they were.

This “toe head” boy had been gone for over an two hours now, and started to make his way home so his parents wouldn’t worry. He walked with Giant to the bottom of Price-Hill, hugging him and promising to be back the next day.

Running as fast as he could, he came flying through the screen door, causing it to slam hard against the door frame.

“Whoa there little guy, where you going so fast, don’t you want some flapper-jacks?”, his daddy asked. Glenny’s daddy had just made a great big stack of hotcakes. His daddy always called them “flapper-jacks” and Glenny would hide his face in his hands, giggling every time he said it. It was always a special time for him and his daddy.

He told his daddy, “No thanks, I’ve just finished eating with my Giant. Daddy asked him what he had eaten for breakfast. Glenny, still catching his breathe, replied, “ham and three-yoked red eggs.”

Glenny could see him shaking his head as he listened as usual to one of his tales. He didn’t believe a word he said. He just figured one of the neighbors had fed him. Glenny knew better. He was there with Giant as he cooked for both of them.

It seemed a shame, though, to let all those flapper-jacks go to waste and he didn’t want to have his daddy feeling bad. So taking a fork, he grabbed two big ones, and sat down with his daddy and poured a big glass of milk. Sitting there eating those pancakes, he realized he had never did ask Mr. Giant if he had a name. Maybe tomorrow he would.

Wow, Glenny never knew that he could work up such an appetite in The Adventures in Glenny Land.


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