Come sail away with me

  Come sail away with me

Let’s sail away
together we will
close the past and
forge our future

I love you with all my heart
I have you know
right from the start
Sail away with me
and we’ll never part

We will go to
exotic places
we’ll see people with painted faces
they will honor us with their graces

I have loved you right
from the very start
the time we rode in that little cart
our love truly is a work of art

I am not a wealthy man,
in fact I am quite broke
however in the evening
I read your sweet little note
and know I am happier
than if I just won a new boat

They say money cannot buy you love,
and that may well be true
It can make being broke easier
for the likes of me and you
come along my love,
what else do you have to do

So plant yourself here next to me
we’ll set up shop on the main deck
We’re running away without regrets,
what the heck snuggle down under the big quilt
and remind me what it means to neck



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