The Diva in Black—-Part 2 by Glen Bear Smith

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An unexpected visitor
The Diva in Black—-Part 2 by Glen Bear SmithAuthor View

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 Category:  Fantasy Fiction
  Posted:  March 30, 2012      Views: 104


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Glen “Bear” Smith is a retired chef, trucking company owner, businessman, and back to retired.
Born December of 1947. In northeastern Utah.

He is the father of many who have gravitated to him, but only 6 are his own.

He writes – more… 

He is a top ranked authorand is currently holding the #36 position.

He is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #64 spot on this yearsrankings.

He is an accomplished poet and is currently at the #31 spot on this yearsrankings.


He is also an active reviewer and is holding the #28 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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Earlier in the day my heart was heavy because of the challenges that had been placed before me. I turned to God in prayer thinking of the song, “You gave me a mountain”, by Marty Robbins. He was telling God that:
It’s been one hill after another
And I’ve climbed them Lord one by one
But this time, Lord you gave me a mountain
A mountain I may never climb
it isn’t a hill any longer
You gave me a mountain this time.

I thought to myself Lord, there have been so many hardships, and I am tired of the strife. I am tired of working for nothing and in the end I lost my sweet wife. I asked you to heal her from that cancer, and instead you took her away from me. How can I bear the hardship any longer?

Just then, I felt the sweetest smile fall upon me and for just an instant, I saw the loving smile of my wife. She spoke to me saying, “Sweetheart you have such a wondrous gift to share with all mankind, and yet, here you are in remorse, rather than rejoicing in the goodness of your life. I’ll only be gone but a moment, and then life ever after will be bound by our eternal marriage. So pick yourself up and go and do something for someone today that truly needs your blessing.”

Now standing before my father with his hand outstretched, I hungrily took his in mine and fell upon his breast, weeping for the joy I had denied myself because of hard feelings from my childhood.

“Oh Daddy, please forgive me for all the terrible things I have said in the past. Until now, I always felt that you did not love me. How wrong one man can be.”

With a smile, he pardoned my anger, and without misgivings, told me that he was so proud of me, and grateful that I was his son, and that he loved me. He dearly loved me. In all my years as a kid growing up, I never once heard these splendid words from him, and now here at the end I felt that love and tenderness emanating from him as he held me ever closer.

Then as if in a movie, my life unfolded before my eyes, and all the acts of kindness I had performed flashed by in an instant. What seemed days, flashed by in seconds.

Then taking me by the hand, he led me through that veil that divides us from Heaven, and there was my beloved wife, my Mother, and sisters, and all of the family members that I had known, and even those that had gone on before me. There was such rejoicing and praising God for His goodness. I have never felt so loved and moved before.

Somewhere in the far distance I hear a bell ringing. I thought to myself, this is odd, why is there a bell ringing? The sound grew louder and more persistent and then, I realized I had only been dreaming, for there I was in the middle of my bed, covered in perspiration, and saw the phone on the floor next to me.

I looked in unbelief. How, why, who? Had this all been just a dream?
That bell just kept ringing and becoming louder. I picked it up and yelled into the mouth piece, “What the hell do you want?”

The voice on the other end said softly, “Are you ready to begin?”



Author Notes
Words & Music: By Marty Robbins
Recorded: 1973/01/14, first released on Aloha from Hawaii

I was not sure until I started to write this exactly where it was headed. I hope that this installment meets with your approval


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