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A prayer for our friends and countries in need
Worlds of wonder by Glen Bear Smith
The time has come to chose God or mammon
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 Category:  Spiritual Poetry
  Posted:  April 14, 2012      Views: 85
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O that I were an angel, 

and could have the wish of mine heart, 

that I might go forth and speak with the trump of God, 

with a voice to shake the earth, 

and cry repentance unto every people! 

Yet today with all of the signs about, 

People speak in riddles and look for signs. 

Where is Thy hiding place, Oh Lord,? for I desire to meet Thee. 

My life has been a dichotomy of errors because of weakness. 

Dear Father, I pray Thee, send out Thy blessings for our friends, 

because they have partitioned me to ask Thee for comfort, 

and yet, here I sit wanting to be as an angel from on High instead. 

There are many here on this site, that are in harms way health wise. 

Please, won’t Thou hear their pleas of fright and longing for Thy blessings? 

They are dear to us oh Lord, and we feel their pain and suffering. 

Wilt Thou hear them, and bless them, according to their needs and Thy Will? 

With wars and rumors of wars throughout the land it is confusing. 

Please bless those who are the heads of state to make proper decisions. 

Help us, as Thy children, elect rulers who will partition Thee 

in times of need and national emergencies of state and nations. 

Our prayer to Thee Dear Heavenly Father, is that we might ever be watchful, 

and diligent in our efforts to be better citizens of the lands in which we live. 

The hour is nearly upon us Father, when we will have to chose sides. 

Will we be serving Thee or have we gone so far as to now serve Satan? 

Heaven help us if that be the case. We cannot do it without Thee. 

I am but a man, but my heart is strong. 

I promise this day to make my stand for righteousness. 

I will not fail Thee. 



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